Online community interaction
Teacher, Students and Parents can interact among themselves.
Teachers can upload their resources locally on their portal. They can put solutions, syllabus, and lecture sheets e.t.c on their dynamic websites.
Students can search; accumulate knowledge and information from their own local websites.
Parents can see their children’s results, can put comments, remarks, complains .Can chat online, or mail Teachers for assistance.
E.Edu solution provides an integrated environment which enables:

• Course materials, such as handbooks, lecture handouts, slides, reading lists and web links to be published in a course site facilitating easy access by students;
• Asynchronous online communication between students and tutors using discussion boards;
• Online synchronous classes, such as presentations and tutorials, with students and tutors logged into a virtual classroom;
• The creation of group areas to support group tasks such as online discussion and file exchange; and
• Setting and taking of online assessments with automatic marking and feedback facilities.
E. Edu can also be used for administrative tasks such as:
• Displaying announcements on a course site and sending e-mails to students enrolled on a particular course;
• Scheduling tasks and course deadlines in an online calendar;
• Tracking students online activities;

• Submission and automatic receipting of electronic coursework submission;
• Administration of online surveys, such as module questionnaires; and
• Facilitating project and knowledge management between groups of staff.